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Welcome back!! We are in our second year of this and are excited to add some old and some new this year.


Fantastic news is that the Soiree Room, Attitude on Food, Image Entertainment, and Premier Party Rentals are back again! We were so blessed by their kindness, their help, and the fun they brought so when they said yes again we were so excited!


New this year are a few things. The first is the nonprofit organization we are going to support! We are happy to introduce Casa for Douglas County!


casa logo


Don’t worry-updated photos will be following as we have a fun photo shoot planned with them soon!

When we did the application review we were still watching as COVID 19 was really beginning to shut down businesses and schools. As reports came out about children being left at home as daycares closed, children being in unstable and unsafe situations, and the stress of what was occurring in homes, we wanted to make sure that the impact of Omaha Mom Prom fit the highest need. As we are moms it came down to children. When hopefully we get a handle on Covid and return to normal, there will still be children needing support and help.

After promposing to CASA we have been able to get to know them and what they do more and more! The advocacy and hearts of the staff and volunteers are unbelievable! CASA has pushed through and adapted for their cases with Covid so no one was left behind.

omaha mom prom casa

They Said YES!

We could go on and on but who better to introduce themselves then CASA?! Kim and her passion for CASA shows in her words so we will let her say hi!

Hey Omaha Mom Prom Community!!!

CASA for Douglas County is so excited to be the 2020-21 charity for Omaha Mom Prom. We have heard some fantastic things about how a group of amazing passionate women can make things happen (and I am not talking about the Bradley Cooper cutout). We are so pumped to be on this journey, with each of you, during this crazy state of COVID- 19, and I hope we get to party in February.

CASA for Douglas County advocates for the best interests of abused and neglected children who fall under the jurisdiction of the Douglas County Juvenile Court and the foster care system. This is accomplished using trained citizen volunteers. These volunteers undergo a careful screening process which includes local, state and nationwide criminal background checks, child abuse registry checks, references and a structured applicant interview. They also participate in thirty (30) hours of National CASA curriculum pre-service training along with twelve (12) hours of ongoing education per year to maintain CASA Volunteer status.

Volunteers provide an individualized voice and advocate for interventions and services that will improve outcomes of well-being, safety and permanency for our children. Further, they ensure children are placed in appropriate, safe and nurturing environments to expedite the finding of “forever families” so they are not lingering in foster care unnecessarily. Each CASA volunteer monitors a single case at a time and remains on for the life of the case until a permanent home is found.

Support from the Omaha Mom Prom community will enhance CASA’s ability to advocate for our community’s most vulnerable asset by allowing us to train, empower and inspire volunteers to improve the lives of abused and neglected children. Victims of abuse and neglect deserve A dedicated consistent voice who always holds out hope for their future.

CASA is always seeking passionate individuals looking to make a difference in a child’s life. Feel free to visit for more information about how you can become that person.

Thank you so much for all your support!

Kimberly Thomas


We stay hopeful that we can meet in February and that you all are ready to support an amazing organization with your stellar dance moves and amazing hearts.

In 100% transparency we don’t know how things will look come February. So we are planning to have the event and moving forward as such. But when it comes down to it, the safety of all of our friends and the community is the utmost important thing.

With that being said, any raffle item will go to an online event and all ticket sales will be donated directly to CASA. You can count it as a tax deductible donation as Omaha Mom Prom is a 501c3. We will open ticket sales in November and even if we cant’t meet in person, we can provide some support to CASA through these means. And we are always down for an online dance party.

So please hang in there with us to support CASA in whatever way we can and enjoy the ride along the way. When I look back in 5 years, I want to say we rose above the pandemic and helped better children’s lives in the community.

So stay safe and hope to see you all in February.


Omaha Mom Prom February 27th, 2021 7 pm to 11 pm

  • Soiree Room: 7040 N 102nd Circle Omaha NE 68122
  • Desserts by Attitude on Food
  • Photo booth by Premier Party Rentals
  • Music by Image Entertainment
  • Dance moves by YOU!!!